Improving education is the key to improving the human condition.

Nurturing Critical Wisdom for the Sake of the World

Founded in 2011 by Ben Nelson, Minerva is a pathbreaking educational innovator, preparing exceptional, lifelong learners to address the most complex challenges of our time. Minerva’s mission, to nurture critical wisdom for the sake of the world, is being pursued through its flagship university programs and select strategic partnerships.

By providing a transformational higher education to the world’s top students, the Minerva Schools at KGI prepare future generations of purpose-driven leaders, pragmatic innovators, and informed global citizens. Recognized as the most selective undergraduate program in the world, the Minerva Schools is also the exemplar of the new model of learning that Minerva has pioneered.

The global network of mission-aligned partners that Minerva is building expands its ability to design and deliver transformative learning and talent development programs to learners at multiple stages—from secondary school students to undergraduate and graduate degree candidates to working professionals and executive leaders—and promotes the comprehensive reform of educational systems.

In this way, Minerva is extending the benefits of its educational model to a broad collective of individuals, institutions, organizations, and governments, enabling the widespread development of adaptable skills that can be applied across contexts, and paving the way for expansive societal change and the improvement of life on earth.

Upholding Our Principles

Being Unconventional We refuse to settle for the status quo.
Being Human We connect on a personal level.
Being Confident We take decisive action.
Being Thoughtful We pay close attention to the details.
Being Selective We find the essence and focus relentlessly.
Being Authentic We built trust with clarity and candor.
Being Driven We constantly push, question, iterate, and refine.

Reimagining Systems of Learning

Building upon the best traditions of liberal arts and sciences education, Minerva is committed to enabling individuals and organizations to thrive in complex, global environments undergoing rapid change. Through its innovative educational approach, Minerva promises to improve learning outcomes for students around the world.

Minerva programs are all based on best practices, derived from the science of learning and honed through experience. The core elements of its academic model include a Fully Active Learning pedagogy, curricula designed with Cross-Contextual Scaffolding, and a practice of Systematic Formative Feedback from peers and instructors. These are delivered via an advanced software platform, called Forum.

This approach to learning offers numerous benefits over traditional models. Instead of focusing on content, courses emphasize crucial habits of mind and foundational concepts, which lead to the development of both adaptive skill sets and a distinct mindset. Learners emerge with practical knowledge and new perspectives.

In a non-Minerva classroom, what you notice is, students don’t want to come up with an answer, so they will try to hide behind the book as if the teacher won’t be able to see. In Minerva classes, they do not have an option ... so they’re on the edge of their chair waiting for their turn to come. In the beginning it’s a problem, they’re nervous, they’re afraid, but as they get used to the platform they literally love it.
Prateek, Professor SRM University Andhra Pradesh

Eschewing lectures, Minerva classes are all discussion-driven, inspiring greater learner engagement, which improves understanding, retention, and recall. The structured design of courses reinforces concepts over time and prompts learners to apply those concepts in new situations. This practice—transferring learning from one context to another—engenders better analytical and creative problem solving skills.

Lastly, the virtual learning environment Forum, includes multiple formats and instructor tools that enable improved evaluation of learner participation and performance—within and across courses. Because they are online, classes can be conducted and attended from anywhere, allowing greater flexibility for learners, instructors, and providers.

The Minerva educational approach and its global network of partners represent a seachange in how learners are taught, what they gain, and where learning takes place. It is an important step in bridging the gap between academic and professional worlds, and promises to reshape the way people learn and the impact they can make on society.