Pandemic Support
Working collectively, we can overcome this existential crisis together.

Because of our distinctive educational approach and deep expertise in virtual learning, Minerva is in a unique position to help institutions and organizations around the world respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Every academic institution, corporation, and government in the world is now being forced to reckon with immediate campus closures, commercial restrictions, and large-scale societal problems.

Instructors are scrambling to move their classes online, utilizing whatever tools, resources, and technologies they have available. Meanwhile, admissions offices are grappling with the likelihood that their incoming students will be forced to stay away from campuses in the fall; presidents, provosts, and heads of school are anticipating cancelled summer programs and reduced enrollment in fall; and curriculum designers and technology directors are beginning to evaluate the various options for longer-term remote learning solutions.

of total enrolled learners—more than 1.5 billion students—have been affected by localized and country-wide school closures.

While this has caused a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety, it has also spurred innovation. In addition to immediate support and near-term solutions, Minerva is working to provide more profound, sustainable systemic reform. If your institution or organization is grappling with some or all of these challenges, Minerva may be able to offer support in this time of crisis.

Responding Rapidly

Minerva has already begun offering immediate support to academic communities around the world. For example, we are providing information and best practices for remote learning and virtual classroom instruction (see links that follow). We have also developed some ways to assist with the immediate needs and challenges posed by widespread campus shutdowns.

Visiting Scholars Year
Minerva has devised a near-term means for institutions to protect their enrollment, especially for international students or students looking to defer enrollment in the fall. The Visiting Scholars year—like a study abroad program, but “study remote” instead—offers a year-long alternative to campus-based learning. It is an excellent option for first-year students to begin their studies with a fully-accredited, rigorous academic curriculum. Because the courses are interdisciplinary and foundational, institutions can transfer credits to satisfy requirements for nearly any major. For more information, visit /visiting-scholars/

Summer Program Support
Summer programs are often a vital part of a university’s catalog, helping students balance their workloads or earn necessary credits, while providing opportunities for additional enrollment and revenue. To keep summer programming intact, institutions can offer a range of Minerva courses to support college students seeking to augment their learning during the summer. Like those in the Visiting Scholars year, these demanding courses are interdisciplinary and the credits can be applied to satisfy undergraduate requirements. Minerva is also working to provide high school students with the ability to complete the courses needed for graduation and college enrollment.

Planning for Resilience

While the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to continue disrupting in-person instruction and campus-based classes for some time, the longer-term ramifications are harder to assess. What is evident, though, is that institutions will continue to face challenges that are beyond their control. Now is the time to marshal resources and galvanize academic communities to build resilience into our systems. While this global crisis will undoubtedly cause a great deal of suffering and loss, we owe it to students and societies to look further out, asking how we might make lasting positive change to our educational systems.

Program Innovation
Universities, colleges, graduate schools, and high schools can work with Minerva to provide improved learning experiences—all taught in the Forum virtual classroom—whether through our modular curriculum or with fully-customized program offerings. Partnership includes faculty training and support, collaborative course and curriculum design, Forum licensing for program administrators, faculty, and participants, as well as strategic planning and implementation services. Through new programs, Minerva can help reverse declining application and enrollment trends, refine and expand existing curricula with a distinctive teaching methodology, and accelerate movement toward institution-wide transformations.

Institutional Transformation
Many of our existing partners have used individual programs to initiate change throughout their institutions, creating cultures of sustained innovation and learning excellence. Institutional leaders, administrators, and faculty alike value not only the increased access provided by Forum, but more importantly the improved educational outcomes made possible by the combination of Fully Active Learning, Cross-contextual Curricular Scaffolding, and Systematic Formative Feedback and Assessment.

New Universities & System Expansion
Because the Minerva model is replicable and scalable, it can be used to create entirely new institutions without the capital required for traditional campus-based schools. With a relatively modest investment, founders can implement full degree programs in a matter of months, with the flexible access, deep learning, and improved outcomes that are hallmarks of the Minerva approach.

Revitalizing Professional Learning

Professional learning is facing a dual challenge: funding for programs is likely to be reduced at the same time that workers need it most. With Minerva, leading organizations can deliver high-quality skills development and training courses that are fully remote, cost effective, and relevant to specific disciplines, teams, and sectors. The engaging learning experience can also help improve morale, enable practical application of learned skills, and establish a competitive advantage.

Professional Degree Programs
Minerva partners with existing graduate schools to offer professional degrees in diverse fields, including business, data science, and the law. Like other Minerva solutions, these accredited programs incorporate our distinctive pedagogy and curriculum and are conducted in the Forum virtual class setting, helping Institutions reach a broader selection of graduate learners, while distinguishing their programs from those offered elsewhere.

Corporate Learning & Development
Minerva offers a range of existing and custom curricula expressly designed for business. As corporations become more digitized and workforces more distributed, L&D programming needs to enable the upskilling of remote learning communities. From individual courses for specific teams to integrated onboarding, training, leadership, and professional development programs, Minerva helps learners develop and practice the competencies needed for performance in complex enterprises and uncertain markets.

While many existing institutions and organizations are seeking relief funds to mitigate losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, the most progressive among us are looking to initiate more systematic, sustainable, and resilient educational solutions. Minerva is here to help.

A selection of educational resources and reporting on COVID-19:

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To offer new learning experiences, or enhance employee talent, Minerva will work with you to define your goals and design a program accordingly.

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