Solving complex global challenges demands a collaborative approach.

Transforming Mindsets

Current educational models generally fail to change the way learners think, focusing instead on disseminating information that is widely available. Our approach imparts a set of cognitive tools—Habits of Mind and Foundational Concepts—that effectively reprograms the learner’s mind. This results in an ability to navigate uncertainty and solve complex problems in unfamiliar domains.

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Partnership Ecosystem

As societies confront a multitude of interconnected issues, Minerva is working to close the gaps between different sectors, with a focus on education as driver for change.

Minerva teaches thinking for its own benefit. Content will only be a vehicle for how to think better.
Rory Foulger, Alumnus, Minerva Schools at KGI Request “Uncharted Territory” from Stanford
Leading Systemic Change

To truly realize the potential of this innovative educational approach, we must look far beyond individual learners and institutions to society at large. Learning at every stage should be reexamined and informed by pedagogical and curricular best practices, and complemented by the most advanced technology available. To this end, we are working with collaborators around the world to develop outcomes-focused programs for diverse learner populations with distinct goals.

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If you recognize the transformative power of education for individuals, organizations, and society, Minerva is your premier program partner.

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